You are looking at new website of KARL DIETZ KIJEVO in which we complete twenty years of experience working in Croatia with medical and orthopedic goods.

Karl Dietz - through reliability and innovation we have become one of the leading distributors in the sector of medical devices in Croatia and beyond. Our goal is to offer only quality with an individual approach to each person or partner, respond to all challenges of the market and of society that every person who has a need for medical devices can have a good quality life with his Handicap and receive the highest quality care for himself that is necessary in everyday life.

Karl Dietz name stands behind the high quality standards of their product that are continuously being upgraded. We give great importance on mobility and professional service over specialized medical store where we offer a safe and reliable partner to them.

In one place you can find all the products from the rehabilitation,incontinence, diabetes, orthotics, prosthetics and other medical supplies from renowned European manufacturers..

Individual approach and flexibility with our team that provides technical assistance and advice regardless of the complexity of the product-makes the company KARL DIETZ ideal partner in equipping all medical institutions (hospitals, polyclinics, homes for the elderly, medical offices ...) as well as the availability of quality supplies to all our partners and users..


We are driven by a strong desire for doing good in achieving patient satisfaction with a high standard of quality, competence, ethics and individual approach to every man.


In daily life and work, we can never forget that help person with a handicap is also only human and people with all their needs and desires. This man, this person is our mission to ensure his safety, quality, availability, support and human approach to their work and efforts. Our mission is to serve those who need us most, and find partners who share our vision.


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